1th September 2022

Sٍalamtak Fundraiser Total

10% Emergencies


10% Transportation


10% Staff Training


20% Buildings


25% Medication


25% Patient Needs


salamtak fundraiser

a fundraiser to support the cancer treatment process which started with opening the Turkish Palestinian friendship hospital as a cancer-treatment specialized hospital in Gaza Strip, as well as fulfilling patients’ needs and providing medicine and supplies needed for treatment. 


Donations’ sources for Salamtak Fundraiser

The fundraiser relies on the following sources of donations

1- Bank accounts

2- e-wallets

3- donation points in markets and highly crowded areas

4- home moneyboxes

5- donations in headquarters of the Civic Campaign to Save Cancer Patients in the Gaza Strip

6- campaign stamps that will be published

Fundraiser’s outlets

The fundraiser’s outlets will the following:

1- 25% general needs of cancer patients in Gaza Strip and other areas

2- 25% providing and plugging shortage of medication for treatment

3- 20% buildings and equipment

4- 10% medical staff training

5- 10% transportation of patients in Gaza Strip and other areas

6- 10% emergencies


Integrity and Transparency

all campaign accounts are completely audited by an international company offering their services to this cause and will be providing reports regularly to the board of trustees for discussion and authentication to ensure principles of integrity and transparency. all results will be published on the campaign’s social media accounts.

Bank account of Salmatak fundraiser:

Arab Islamic Bank

Account name: Toward hope and peace association

ILS account:

IBAN: PS04AISB170320110117003000004

USD account:

IBAN: PS60AISB17022011011700300004

EUR account:

IBAN: PS86AISB170520110117003000004

GBP account:

IBAN: PS30AISB170620110117003000004