Medical statistics indicate that the number of cases of cancer of the head, neck and oral cavity is 550,000 injuries worldwide worldwide annually, and data for the National Cancer Registry of Qatar for the year 2015 indicate that cancer cases

Head, neck and oral cavity are estimated at 4% of all diagnosed cancer cases in Qatar.
Head and neck cancers include tumors that affect the supraclavicular region and are divided into three main sections: oral cavity cancer, throat cancer, and nasopharynx cancer. Cancer cells usually begin to develop in the sinus region, salivary glands, mouth, nose, and throat. Cancer tumors of the head are distinguished. And the neck has a high rate of infection among males compared to its spread among females, where the rate of male exposure to these injuries exceeds the percentage of

Females are three times more likely to be exposed to it, and those who are most vulnerable to these injuries are those who reach the age of fifty.
For his part, Dr. Mustafa Al-Khalil – Senior Consultant and Head of the Head and Neck Oncology Committee at Hamad Medical Corporation – pointed out that the symptoms of the infection differ according to the location of the cancer cells in the head or neck. He said: “Symptoms of head and neck cancer can include the appearance of painful tumors or ulcers that do not It heals in the mouth, as well as difficulty swallowing and changes in sound, and in some cases, some early symptoms appear on head and neck cancer, which increases the chances of early detection of the disease and thus its effective treatment, but unfortunately, most of these cancerous diseases are not diagnosed except in Late stage, which makes it more difficult to address.

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