Towards Hope and Peace Charitable Association HAP ) is an NGO that was founded in 2019 and holds a license from the Ministry of Interior , registered under the number GA – 1210 – M in accordance with Ministerial Resolution No. 254 issued in Ramalian . The primary focus of HAP is to enhance healthcare and social services for cancer patients in Palestine , with a particular emphasis on the Gaza Strip . Towards this end , HAP seeks to enhance its institutional capacities develop healthcare services specifically for cancer patients , raise awareness about the disease , and improve the quality of psychosocial services provided to patients . In addition , the organization endeavors to gamer support and assistance from local and International Institutions , as well as the Palestinian diaspora , to improve and localize the services offered to cancer patients .


To be a leading organization in supporting cancer . services providers in the Gaza Strip


Towards Hope and Peace Charitable Association ( HAP ) is an organization that aims to be a leader in supporting cancer patients in the Gaza Strip The association strives to improving the healthcare services provided to cancer patients , by providing psychosocial and nutritional support , and advocating for their causes . The association upholds the values of realism , leadership , respect , responsibility , and teamwork


  1. Building the organizational capacity of the association on Entrepreneurial foundations 
  2. Contributing to the development of healthcare services for cancer patients in the Gaza strip
  3.  Contributing to raising community awareness about cancer as a leading organization.
  4.  Contributing to improving the quality of psychosocial support services for cancer patients
  5.  Mobilizing and advocating with local and international institutions and the Palestinian diaspora to localize and improve services provided to cancer patients .


  1.  Focus on process improvement and build a dedicated team.
  2. Excellence in providing distinguished services patients cancer patients .
  3. Cooperation with relevant authorities to the quality of services provided .
  4.  Using digital technologies to improve services and communication .


  1. Leadership in providing support to cancer services in the Gaza Strip.
  2. Realism in prioritizing and delivering solutions with a focus on measurable impact.
  3. Respect for all individuals and value their right to access all services with dignity .
  4. Responsibility towards cancer patients and their families and promoting a culture of accountability and transparency.
  5. Team work and cooperation with the stakeholders 10 support cancer patient services.
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